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Dana Greenberg 11 months ago Dlg crop icon

I cannot believe it's Thursday already! It's been quite a busy week, and an exciting weekend coming up!

I hope everyone is registered for Governors on Saturday. It's a full length GS course from the Start House at the top of Upper Rum. This will be the longest course our U10s have ever run, but they are ready!

We will meet at 8AM as usual and head up for our course inspection, then will take a free run or 2 and head to the start. I would like to see all U10s cheering on their teammates after they finish their runs. (Probably didn't need to mention that, I'm sure that's what they'd do naturally!) . Second run will be based on the timing of the race, look for me or another coach and we'll let you know when we are meeting to get ready for 2nd run.

Make sure you get your banquet tickets from Danielle Goodwin on Saturday if you do not have them already!

I just have to say, it's been a pleasure skiing with your kids this season! Everyone was so enjoyable

Dana Greenberg 12 months ago Dlg crop icon

What a great Skills Day! I am so proud of all of our U10s! They all skied great and were amazing ambassadors to the mountain, by guiding our friends from Waterville and Cannon to all of our favorite spots at Loon.

Wether they came home with a "pot of gold" or not, EVERYONE skied great! That was not easy conditions to race on, and everyone did great! Those who may have slipped on the icy conditions got right back up and kept on going. Everyone was there to cheer on their friends at the end. And how great was it to see Loon, Waterville and Cannon kids hugging together on the podium?!

Special Shout-out to Mindy Harrington for putting together the most creative awards! Thank you!!

Big Grande Finale coming up on Saturday! Don't forget to register for Governors! The improvement I've seen in these racers this month has been amazing! Looking forward to seeing everyone perform on our final big race day!

Register for Governors:

Dana Greenberg 12 months ago Dlg crop icon

Skills Day weekend is here!

I've got a great plan in place, and we will have 1 final training day on Saturday before our last 2 races of the season. (Skills Day GS, Sunday afternoon, and Governors Cup on March 23!)

Remember, register on line (or bring cash day of) for Skills Day (yes, even Loon kids have to pay for our Skills Day) .

And register for Governors Cup here:

There will be "old-people" age groups for Governors, so sign up yourself and try racing! (Don't be upset if your U10 beats you though! :)

Saturday will be business as usual, directed free skiing in the AM and GS training in the afternoon. Any parents who signed up for Governors can practice GS with us in the afternoon.

Sunday is our big day! Here is how I've laid out the schedule:

7:30 – 8:00

Dana Greenberg 12 months ago Dlg crop icon


Loon Race Team
Dana Greenberg (Loon Race Team) sent you a message.

Great weekend everyone! So much fun skiing in the beautiful sun on Saturday. And great job to all the kids who participated in the Kostick Cup! Everyone else did a dry-run of our Skills Day and I believe our plans are coming together! Sunday, I heard the Upper Rum training went well with the U12s, and a fun time was had by all enjoying the fresh snow in the afternoon!

If you are like me, and cash is a foreign currency, feel free to register ahead of time for our Skills Day online. The cost is $50 (even for Loon kids)

Registration is open until 6pm Sat 3/16.

While you are in registration mode, register for Governors Cup on March 23. This is a full length GS. Parents & Kids can participate! So, throw your hat in and give it a try!

Dana Greenberg 12 months ago Dlg crop icon

Hi U10s!

It's Friday Eve! :) My co-worker just said that to me, and I kind of like it! If it's Friday-Eve, then it's technically Saturday-Eve-Eve, which means I can start talking about this weekend's ski plans!

Actually, I've been thinking ski plans all week, as I have been busy putting together the plan for our Skills Day on March 17, when we become the hosts of the Waterville and Cannon U10s. On Saturday, we will do a "dry-run" of our Skills Day plan to make sure it works. I have picked out all of our favorite runs to share with our friends.

Several of our teammates will be participating in the Kostick Cup for NEDS on Saturday. Thank you all for participating in an event for such a great cause!

Saturday afternoon we will be training Slalom. Sunday afternoon we will be training GS.

Upcoming dates to remember:

March 17 - Skills Day

March 23 - Governors Cup (registration info to come)

March 23 - End of the Season Banquet


Dana Greenberg 12 months ago Dlg crop icon

Who was able to stay in Lincoln? (Krill's and Corey's are not allowed to answer that... :)

My household thought about it, but in the end we drove home. We left after dinner, threw all of our stuff into 2 cars and headed south. About an hour into the ride Mike realizes he forgot his boots for his "Beer-League" championships on Wednesday and has to turn around and go back. That's about when we got the "School closed" call, so we thought he and Johnny could return for today, while Kailah & I would continue south. About 30 min later we realized my work computer was in his car, and Johnny's boots were in my car! Ugh, the life of a NH Weekender!

U10s had a great weekend of training! We got in a lot of runs in Saturday AM, followed by GS training in the afternoon. Coach Joe did a great job videoing everyone: The kids will tell you they did much better on their later runs, but this did give us

Dana Greenberg 12 months ago Dlg crop icon

Hi U10s!

I hope that our NH friends are having a great vacation week! I saw pictures of blue-bird skies up in Lincoln/Franconia today. Looks like it was a great day to ski!

This weekend, the plan is to train GS on Saturday afternoon and SL Sunday afternoon. There will be a U16/U19 race on Sunday at Loon, so we will have a lot of racers coming into the Comp Center for morning registration.

Coach Caitlin will be rejoining us for several weekends this month as her college racing circuit is complete. In the middle of the month, she will head out to Jackson Wyoming for collegiate Nationals!

See you all on Saturday!

Dana Greenberg about 1 year ago Dlg crop icon

Hi U10s!

I cannot believe it's Friday already! Man, this week flew by!

We had a great time skiing all over the mountain yesterday. We skied every (open) tree run, and ripped it down so many trails that were all in perfect shape. I think yesterday was our top day if I were to count number of runs in a day this season.

Today was very productive, I took a moment to go over the "engineering" of the ski with everyone. Showing them how it bends, and how it pops. I think seeing this gave them some good understanding why we are always trying to get them to push the ski into the turn, and now we focused on getting it to "pop" out of the turn.

GS training this afternoon was great. Kids are doing a great job with setting their line and carving the turn. I love it when they come to the finish and know what they need to do better next run, without us telling them anything.

Tomorrow we will start with directed free skiing, then train SL in the afternoon.

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