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LRT Plus Program

LRT's Mid-Week Training Program

The LRT Plus Program will give LRT athletes the the opportunity to increase skiing and training volume with 3 additional mid-week training days each week of the winter! The more intensive mid-week Plus Program will create an academy style training program in the LRT club setting. The need for additional days on snow has been seen as an important piece of LRT and the Plus Program will offer the athletes a needed pathway for additional skill development. 

The Plus Program will have a full-Season focus. The program will give athletes of all levels a training schedule that will help to develop skills throughout the full season. The program will focus on skill building in the early season and move into more intensive training and race preparation as the season progresses. This will prepare the athletes for the season’s events. 

The LRT Plus program would be an additional 3 days/week (Wed, Thu, Fri). All level athletes will have the opportunity to grow and learn in LRT’s Plus Program, as training is individualized and age appropriate.

The program will be led by David Edry with Bailey Clermont and Tyler Doyle as additional age class coaches. Additional coaches will be added based on program numbers. 


  • Wednesday (PM), Thursday (PM), Friday (AM/PM) sessions (tentative)
  • 30 sessions starting Dec. 9th, ending March 11th
  • $1995.00 for the Plus Program
  • Program would need 8 athletes minimum
  • Open to YOB 2009 and older.


  • The LRT Plus program creates more opportunities for individualized attention, video review, fitness programming, tuning instruction, and nutritional education. 
  • Mid-Week training would create more diverse training location opportunities.

Families interested should contact the LRT Program Director David Edry directly if interested in applying for the program.