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LRT U14 Info

Welcome to the 2018-2019 LRT U14 Ski Season! All communications for U14s will be distributed through this page, and via email. Weekly emails will be sent out with updates for the weekend, please make it a habit to check the site and your email frequently. A USSA and NHARA registration are necessary for participation – please make sure this is taken care of before opening weekend.

Our program is designed to help each individual athlete achieve their personal best this winter. We work within the structural framework of NHARA’s Children’s race calendar and design a competition schedule that is meant to help the kids ski their best at Championships events in March. Our goal is to put athletes in these post season Regional Championship events with their best possible skiing. Everything we do from the start of the winter is designed around these goals; with the over lying theme of providing our athletes with a developmentally appropriate training/race schedule that will continue to set the stage for their future success in the sport.

The beginning of the season is strongly rooted in (directed) free skiing, with a focus on basic fundamental skills and working on dynamic balance. Ski racing has several components; two of the biggest are technique and tactics. Technique is the “how” in skiing. Tactics are the “where” in skiing. We teach the kids “how” before they learn “where” to do it. Make sense? That is why you won’t see gates on the hill until we are farther into the season – don’t panic! We’ll get there. In skiing there is no magic potion, no shortcut to success. Athletes who work hard, attend training regularly and give their best effort every day will get the most out of their season.

As the season progresses, we will begin to introduce gates, stubbies and brushes to add tactical elements to our work on the hill. A combination of short sectional courses, drills and structured free skiing are used to promote repetition of specific skills and movement patterns. Races will be introduced during this part of the season (starting around January). We look for effort over results in these events, and use them as an opportunity for the kids to become comfortable in a race environment. During this period of time, we have the advantage of hosting our own two day Speed Camp at Loon, which we strongly encourage athletes to attend.

U14’s are also invited to participate in our full day Friday programs, in addition to the Friday Night Kanc Trainings. Our Friday Program (LRT Advantage) will be designed to enhance the existing U12/U14/U16 program with lower coach to athlete ratios and the advantage of low mid-week crowds for maximum repetition. This program will be coordinated by and coached by Trevor Hamilton with additional LRT Staff as needed. At this level many athletes begin to ski full-time during a winter term. We can stay competitive and be more rested in March when it matters most by simply adding two extra blocks of training on Fridays. It works and it is worth the extra time and effort required to do it. It will continue to be a game changer for those able to attend!

As we get closer to the season, be on the lookout for more details about the schedule, races, videos and more. We are looking forward to an awesome season!



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