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Weekly emails



U12 athletes and parents, 


What a great showing we had at the Dowse last weekend.   Thank you to all that helped organize the tailgating and created a fun festive environment.     Congratulations to Johnny Greenburgh (4th) and Mason Cunio (5th) for placing in the top 5. 


Our plan for this weekend is:


Friday night 

6:00 pm-8:00 pm SL training at the Kanc.   



8:00 am - meet in video room to go over GS drill progression for the morning and show clips of the how to do each drill.   We will also answer any questions about the race.  Please do not put on all winter gear yet as we do not want to get sweaty then go right outside.  


8:30 am  Cold weather gear needed.  Layer and have complete face protection along with hand warmers.   Meet outside the comp. center ready to train and work on GS drills.   We will take periodic breaks when needed and coaches will rotate on and off the hill.  We are going to lap the Kanc quad and hope to get lots of mileage. 


12:45-2:45 GS gate training    



Zwhalen GS race at Loon

7:55 am -Meet outside the Comp. Center, already registered and ready for the race.   

Coaches will break into groups to inspect according to bib numbers.  


Next Friday we are having a Fun Kanc race starting at 6:30 pm.   We are looking for volunteers to help with registration, course maintenance, and writing the times down.   Please Contact Aaron if you are interested in helping.  


Here is a sample of one of the drills we are going to review prior to heading out tomorrow morning:


Remember to dress for the weather. 


See you all tonight or tomorrow, 

Aaron, Maura, Ryan, Jesse, and Dan


U12 athletes and parents,

The coaches were impressed with the effort and attitude over Holiday training block and the races at Waterville and Loon.   

Here is the plan for this weekend:

Friday- Kanc Training  6:00 pm- 8:00 pm We recommend only being at the Kanc for 1 hour and then make sure skis are tuned and ready for the race.  

Saturday- Race is Saturday at Cannon - Be there at 7:30 and in front of the lift by 8:30 am.  I saw some chat on the sportsengine app about a possible tailgate.   That is always fun and thanks to all the folks that contribute. 


Sunday GS training.on Coolidge and review video from Waterville


Check out this video of Mikaela Shiffrin, there is a reason why she is the best in the world.    

Video of the week:



Aaron, Maura, Ryan, Jesse and Dan

Happy Holidays!!!

We hope that everyone has enjoyed the past few days with family and friends.  

Here is the plan for this week: (subject to change)

Wednesday, Dec. 26th 

AM - SL gate training- Intro to combinations

PM- Video review- small groups and SL drills

Thursday, Dec. 27th   

AM-SL gate training - longer courses multiple combos

PM -Directed Free skiing SL end at 2:00 pm and will meet on the deck and be available to the parents to answers any questions about the races, season or how their child is doing.                                

Friday, Dec. 28th         

AM- Directed free skiing GS 

PM GS gate training 

Saturday, Dec. 29th      

AM  GS gate training                                       

PM   No training- Tuning skis

Sunday, Dec. 30th       

Cardillo GS race at Waterville and SL training with                                              Maura and Dan for 1st years.   

Monday, Dec. 31st         

Sutton SL at Loon

January 1st- Happy New Year - No training. 

Specific meeting times and information will be sent out a day or two before the race.  

Please make sure the skis are sharp and that everyone is dressed warm.  Some U12's were cold last weekend because all they had on was a shell and were not dressed in layers.   

See you all this week, 

Aaron, Maura, Ryan, Jesse and Dan.



U12 athletes and parents, 

The plan for this weekend is as follows:


GS skis-  Weather is coming in and not sure what the conditions will be.  We hope to get in some GS courses, Apex drills and corridors,-working on turn shape.  We also plan to make the trek over to South Mtn. 


SL Skis - More Drill course with a focus on pole touch, Pressure Ski Above Gate (PSAG) and blocking.   Yes blocking the gate.  Bring the armour!!  Courses will be set with the gates at an angle and they will learn how to block the gates, without reaching.  There were lots of questions about proper technique last weekend.

I hope our training blocks will be in the morning, but there is a good chance we may have some afternoon training this weekend and over Holiday break.   I will know more tomorrow and send out a quick note.   We will need to be flexible.

Looking ahead here is the plan for the Holiday break:

  • Wednesday, December 26th - SL training
  • Thursday, December 27th SL training
  • Friday, December 28th GS training
  • Saturday, December 29th GS training
  • Sunday, December 30th Cardillo GS race at Waterville and SL training for 1st years at Loon. 
  • Monday, December 31st  Sutton SL race at Loon.  

I will be sending out more information about meeting times for the races and more detailed training information for the Holiday break after this weekend.  

It has been brought to my attention that not all U12's have signed up for the Sutton SL on December 31st.  Please do ASAP as right now the race is almost full.  

See you this weekend, 

Aaron, Maura, Ryan, Jesse and Dan


U12 athletes and parents, 

Temperatures were down into the single digits last night and the mountain is making a ton of snow.   I skied yesterday and it was outstanding.  Speaking of the temperatures getting low, last Saturday we still had some kids that were not dressed for the weather.  Please take the time to make sure everyone is layered up before they head out.   

The plan for this weekend is:

Saturday- GS skis 

  • Directed Free skiing and drills specific for each groups needs.  We are breaking the groups up according to what we saw in the video from last weekend and what they need to work on.
  • At 2:30 pm we are going to help as a group with the Bnet project on Coolidge st.  and will most likely be going to 3:30-4:00 pm.  Parents are welcome to join in with this team bonding experience.  

Sunday-  SL skis    

  • 3-4 short drill course on Coolidge street in the morning
  • Video and small group review of video 
  • Directed free skiing in the afternoon.  
  • Go over plans with the group for the Holiday training camp. 

Looks to be a great weekend.


Aaron, Maura, Ryan, Jesse and Dan. 



Please sign up your child to the following races:

  • Dec. 30th at WV Cardillo GS (2nd U12's and 1st years with permission)
  • Dec. 31st at Loon Tina Sutton SL  
  • Jan. 5th at Cannon  Dowse SL  
  • Jan. 13th at Loon Zwahlen GS 

Here is the link to register online.

Races are going to fill up fast.  I am sure that at least one of them will be full by this weekend.  

The Kanc SL and Governors Cup registration site is different and will be active in a couple of weeks.   




U12 athletes and families, 

What a great start we had last weekend.  Tons of terrain open and we got a lot of miles in.   

Our plan for this weekend is:

Saturday- SL skis 

Continue to focus on balance and athletic position on the skis.  We are going to move into rhythm and timing drills and looking for a strong pole touch.  We will take some video and review first with the coaching staff before we share with the athletes.  

Sunday- GS skis 

We are moving to the bigger skis on Sunday.  Starting out making smaller turns in the morning and larger radius turns as the day progresses.  We will focus on pressure and edging with the big skis and have them get more familiar with the different ways to turn a ski.  

Couple reminders heading into the weekend:

  • Dress for the weather- It looks to be cold on Saturday.  As they say in Norway " there is no bad weather, just bad clothing."  
  • We leave at 8:00 am sharp and take our first run on the Kanc Quad.  So if you are running late, just wait at the Kanc Quad and we will be right down.  
  • We will typically take a break around 9:45 and Lunch is from 11:45-12:30 pm.  Training ends at 2:30 pm,      

Ryan and Jesse are doing a  USSA level 100 clinic today and tomorrow at Bretton Woods.  I am attending a one day NHARA clinic today at Bretton Woods.   Knowledge is power and we are excited to share what we learn with our athletes this weekend.   

I posted a couple pics from last weekend on the U12 page.  Click here to view:

Remember dress for the weather. 




U12 athletes and families, 

I skied yesterday and it was awesome!!!! Best start to a season I have seen in a long time.   

We are using SL skis this weekend.  (the short ones)

Here is our schedule:

 8:00 am   

Meet  in front of the Competition Center ready to go.   Directed free skiing and drills focusing on balance and stance.  Mostly getting the miles in and their skiing legs under them.  

11:45  am -12:30 pm 

Lunch for the U12/U14 athletes. 

12:30 - 2:30 pm 

Directed Free skiing.  

The Opening night party at the Governors lodge begins at 5:15 pm.  The U12 informational parent meeting begins at 5:30 pm in the Competition Center.  

For those new parents that were not able to be on the conference call with Matt Nestor (U12 parent rep.) and myself.  I have posted the slides on the U12 webpage as well as the schedule.  Here is the link:

My weekly emails will be out on Thursdays, typically in the morning.  Feel free to reach out with any questions.  

See you all this weekend, 

Aaron Loukes

Head U12 Coach / Assistant Director



U12 athletes and families, 

Happy Thanksgiving to all!!  I am so thankful for the snow and cold weather to start the year.  Next weekend is our opening weekend.  I will email next week with specific meeting times and plans.  Let's hope that the West side is open so that we can go out of the Competition Center.    Last weekend we had a successful camp at Sunday River and it looks like we are going to continue that opportunity in the years to come. 

Just a heads up, our first weekend we will be on SL skis.  

I understand that there have been several SportsEngine email reminders... we are working out the kinks in our system and hope to have it solved by next weekend.  


For those folks that are going to the Killington World Cup please contact Head U14 Coach Joe Peznola if they are interested in walking in the parade of athletes on Sunday at:

Enjoy today with family and friends.    


Aaron Loukes

Head U12 Coach / Assistant Director


U12 athletes and families,


I woke up to snow this morning!!!  It was amazing and just means that our season is right around the corner.    


Next Saturday, October 27th the U12’s and U14’s are planning a team hike up Mount Pemigewasset, also known as Indian Head.  Please meet in the Flume parking lot at 9:00 am and the hike should take about 2.5 hours to complete. Let me know if your family can attend the hike and no need to reply if it does not work out for your schedule. This will be an opportunity to get to know each other a little better.  It is also a great time to answer any questions about the upcoming season that you may have. (Rain date is Sunday, October 28th) The hike will be followed by a cookout at the Kanc recreation area.   Coaches will be supplying the burgers and hot dogs. Feel free to bring drinks,salad, chips or desserts. No alcohol please, as it is a town building.


For those folks interested in the Mobile App for our Website here is the link:

Mobile App instructions


I also strongly suggest that you reference the LRT calendar on a regular basis.  

LRT Master Calendar


Jesse, Maura, Ryan and I all enjoyed meeting athletes and their families at the Fit day last weekend.  To find out more about our outstanding staff click the link below:

LRT Coaches Page




Aaron Loukes

Head U12 Coach/ Assistant Program Director

Loon Race Team



U12 athletes and families,

Hope everyone has gotten off to a great start to the fall and looking forward to the snow starting to fly.   This Sunday is our Fit Day at Rodgers Ski and Sport from 9:00 am -12:00 pm.

Here is a guideline of what U12’s will need for this season:

Clothing-warm jacket, base layers, warm mittens, zip up warm ups, GS suit, neckie, googles, helmet that fits appropriately and that covers the ears for GS. A stash of hand warmers.

Boots-Most important part of equipment to get.  Comfortable and snug but not too tight. A flex rating of 65-70 for most U12’s.   

Poles-SL poles sized up so that if turn them upside down and put your hand under the basket and your elbow to your side, your arm makes a 90 degree angle.  The GS poles are slightly bigger, usually 5-10 cm.

Skis-SL skis when up next to the athlete should be between the nose and the chin.  GS skis should be slightly above the forehead. More aggressive skiers should go a little longer in GS.  A difference of 15-25 cm between the 2 pairs of skis. Also it is a good idea to start searching for an old pair of rock skis or play skis for the days when we get some fresh snow and the kids just want to go tear it up.  

SL protection- I fully expect the U12’s to be in a position to block SL gates.  A chin bar, pole guards, and shin guards will help each U12 ski SL with more confidence.  We will have several situations that create blocking opportunities for them during our training.

On Saturday, October 27th there will be a U12/U14 hike up Indian Head (Mount Pemigetwasset)  If you are interested, please meet at the Flume parking lot at 9:00 am. This is a 2-3 hour hike and we would like to have a BBQ after the hike.  More specific information in the next email.

I have another outstanding group of coaches joining me on the U12 staff. Ryan Hunter, Maura Cosman and Jesse Anser. Ryan and Maura were U12 coaches last year and I am excited to have them back.  Jesse grew up racing in NY where he is a former NY state champion.

Hope to see you all this weekend and if you have any questions feel free to email me or call.   


Aaron Loukes

Head U12 Coach/ Assistant Program Director


Welcome to the 2018-2019 LRT U12 race season! We are so excited for the beginning of what is shaping up to be another exceptional season. All communication for the U12 group will be done via this page, as well as the email included during registration; please make sure that is an email you check regularly. Please have all the USSA and NHARA memberships taken care of prior to the start of the season.

The LRT U12 program is an integral age group in a ski racing career. Athletes step up to U12’s and further hone their skills and strengthen their fundamentals. U12’s ski the entire mountain, in all terrain, regardless of conditions. A mixture of directed free skiing, free skiing and drills and skills compromise the curriculum for the season. Ski racing involves two primary skill sets: Technique, or "what" you do and Tactics or "where" you do it. U12’s are in their prime learning years for the sport and we continue to focus on developing technique throughout the season.


As the season progresses, gates, stubbies and brushes are introduced as tactical elements on the hill. A combination of short sectional courses, drills and structured free skiing are used to promote repetition of specific skills and movement patterns. Races will be introduced during this part of the season (starting around January). We look for effort over results in these events, and use them as an opportunity for the kids to become comfortable in a race environment.

U12’s are also invited to participate in our February Speed Camp, as well as our full day Friday programs, in addition to the Friday Night Kanc Trainings. Our Friday program (LRT Advantage) will be designed to enhance the existing U12/U14/U16 program with lower coach to athlete ratios and the advantage of low mid-week crowds for maximum repetition. This program will be coordinated by and coached by Trevor Hamilton with additional LRT staff as needed.

The season is gearing up to be a major success and we’re excited you’ll be joining us. If there are any questions in regards to scheduling, equipment, races, registration, etc. please reach out to our Coaching Staff; our U12 Head Coach is Aaron Loukes.

U12 Finals Champion photos

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U12's getting ready for the race looks like a great day to ski!!