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The LRT U10 program is an integral age group to begin a ski racing career. After completing 1-2 years as a Rut Rider, athletes step up to U10’s and begin to hone their skills and develop strong fundamentals. U10’s ski the entire mountain, in all terrain, regardless of conditions. A mixture of directed free skiing, free skiing and drills and skills compromise the curriculum for the season. Ski racing involves two primary skill sets: Technique, or "what" you do and Tactics or "where" you do it.


U10’s begin gate training, but only once the group has established strong fundamentals. LRT utilizes short, repetitive course sets to help build confidence, and allow our athletes to learn by doing. Courses become longer and more challenging as the season, and their skills, progress.


Although not competing regularly, racing and competition begins at the U10 age group. Athletes participate in 3 U10 Skills Festivals at Loon, Waterville and Cannon, as well as fun and open races hosted at Loon throughout the season. Festivals include drills with different coaches from all three mountains, working in an inter-mountain group throughout the day, and end with two race runs. 


U10’s athletes will need USSA Memberships in order to participate in fun races and festivals. Please visit the USSA website ( in order to procure membership.


At this level, most athletes use only one pair of skis, although some more advanced racers may choose to have a pair for each discipline (Slalom and GS). If you and your athlete have any questions in regards to equipment, please reach out to our U10 Coaching Staff.


Our goal with U10’s is to develop strong skiers, further ingratiate them into racing, gates and technique, and to achieve their personal best with a smile on their face!

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