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 The Rut Rider Program:

Welcome to the 2019/2020 Loon Race Team Season! The Rut Rider Program is designed to introduce young alpine athletes, ages 6 and 7 (U8), to the Loon Race Team. The program provides a safe and fun opportunity to explore alpine ski racing at Loon Mountain.

At Rut Riders, we aim to become the ultimate All Mountain Ripper. Emphasis is placed on having fun and developing a lasting love of the sport through the focus of core fundamentals of ski racing, enjoying a variety of drill/skill work, gate training and free skiing, as well as some bumps and tree skiing. You might even see us in the park going off drills time to time! We believe an athlete that is well rounded and having fun will become a lifelong skier.

Along with learning ski-racing fundamentals, athletes also develop independence and responsibility for themselves, their fellow LRT teammates and the mountain. Good sportsmanship skills, teamwork and a healthy competitive nature are also established through the Rut Rider program, as well the entire Loon Race Team program. 

Equipment can be a challenge for our youngest athletes. It's never fun for a Rut Rider to show up on the first day of program and find that they have to change equipment. We are VERY picky at Rut Riders about equipment. If you have any questions or would like a coach’s input, please reach out to the head coach, Catherine ( or any of our Rut Rider Coaching Staff. Our team of coaches knows what is best for our athletes based on their height, weight, strength and ability. Having the proper equipment is essential to having a fun and successful season. 

We’re looking forward to a season full of snow, fun and skiing fast!


Our Requirement for Rut Riders

1. The athlete is 6 years old by December 31st, 2019. 


2. The athlete has 2 years of skiing experience, one of those years in a program.

If the athlete does not meet either these two requirements but it is still felt they would be a good fit for Rut Riders, they can come try out the program on the first day of Rut Riders with a parent riding along. Please reach out to Catherine ( with any additional questions.  

Greta (7) ripping up the Rut Rider Race!


Gear is the foundation of our skiing and being on the wrong skis or in the wrong boots could be detrimental to your child’s progression. Please try to make it to our fit day at Rodgers!



  • Should be a snow specific helmet- no bike helmets
  • Helmet should not roll forward or backwards
  • Goggles should be compatible with the helmet to ensure that there are no "cold spots" and to minimize fogging



  • Skis should be a multi event Junior Race ski
  • The ski length should come up in-between chin and forehead
  • Ski should be either a Dynastar or Rossignol ski
    • Why? Dynastar and Rossignol both make a soft ski that works well for younger athletes. It allows them to make the most out of their equipment and progress as fast as everyone else. Past Rut Rider athletes have tried other skis and the coaches have found that they just don't ski as well on them at a young age. 


  • Boots should be a real ski boot (no re-entry) with three to four buckles on the boot
  • Boots should be a junior specific race boot- we find Lange (the blue boots) work best.
  • The flex of the boot should be between 40 and 50 flex. The athlete should be able to bend their knee over the toe of the boot with LITTLE EFFORT when inside. 
  • Ski boots are meant to fit tight, but kids grow fast, so we understand sizing up to get a full season out of the boots. That being said, you should be able to fit no more than 2 fingers in between the heel and plastic of the boot when the bladder is taken out. If you don't know what that means, please don't try to fit your child's boots on your own. 



  • When the time comes, the athlete should stand straight up, flip pole around so the handle is on the floor and the "pointy end" pointing straight  up. Grab the pole below the basket. The athlete's arm should make a 90 degree angle. Again, if you don't understand, please don't fit your child for poles on your own. 



  • Rut Riders will be provided with jackets. They are not all new jackets and should be returned so we can use them for future generations. These red jackets make our Rut Riders easily identifiable on the mountain. 
  • Pants- we don't have any preference on this. Most parents find that it is best to get a color rather than black to they can more easily identify their child on the hill. 
  • Layers- we live in New England. It's cold here. Rut Riders ski most of the day and spend very little time inside. Please make sure that your child has plenty of layers (puffys, vests, quarterzips).
  • Other: Please make sure your child has on a neckie and warm socks. It is also good to have them carry around toe and hand warmers just in case. 
  • GS Suits: GS SUITS ARE NOT REQUIRED. We find that many athletes like wearing them on Race Days, but they are certainly not required. 


If you have any questions, please reach out to Catherine before buying equipment. If you go to Rodgers and tell them that your child is entering in to Rut Riders, they should be able to help you find the appropriate equipment as well. 

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