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Recent LRT U-16/19 News

No news currently found.

U-16 & U-19 Race Schedule:

Race Schedule:

Prior To U-16 Series:

- 12/28 Open- Kenney Memorial SL @ Cannon Mt./FSC

- 12/31 Zwahlen Memorial Open GS @ Loon

- 1/7 Open SL @ Proctor

- 1/21 Open GS @ Cannon Mt./FSC

- 1/28 Open SL @ Ragged MT/RMS

Spring Series Races:

- 3/17 M.J.’s Race (Friday) SL @ Cannon Mt./FSC

- 3/25 Lafoley Spring Series GS @ Loon Mt./LRT

- 4/1 UNH Fundraiser GS @ Loon Mt./LRT

* Races will be added and dropped from this list as the season begins. This is just the first races, and also great races, that as a team we decided we would like to attend. If and when there are changes I will notify everyone of what they are.