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Speed Camp



Speed Camp is an optional program available to the athletes of LRT. The primary goal of the camp is to teach the fundamental skills involved with safely and confidently skiing Super-G radius turns, dealing with terrain and making the best tactical decisions in a controlled speed venue environment. 

Speed camp is a two day progression broken into four distinct training blocks. Since it is designed as a progression, athletes should attend both days to get the most from  the experience. A guiding axiom of the experience is to emphasize safety and teach the athletes how to get the most out of SG opportunities. Speed Camp is not just about going fast, it's about learning to be more confident and handling a larger radius turn at higher speed. We make the progressions fun and safe but challenging enough to offer a great confidence boost to our athletes post camp. Speed Camp is calendared to get our kids as confident as possible prior to the beginning of any Divisional Qualifying events. 

2022/23 Dates:

Feb. 2-3


Open to LRT athletes U12's and older



  • Daily morning meeting at 8:30am at the Competition Center to review the plan for the day and explain the elements.
  • On snow Morning Session 9:00am-11:30am. Lunch 11:30am-12:15pm and Afternoon session 12:30-2:30pm

Possible Elements:

  • Glide track 
  • 'Pole-Hopper' section to work on balance and jumping technique
  • Jump progression to learn proper take off and landing technique  
  • Sectional to full length SG directed skiing on closed venue
  • Full Length SG Runs.


$200 please make checks payable  to Loon Race Team