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2016-2017 LRT U19 Info

Welcome to the LRT U19 program for the 2016-2017 season. First off, if you've made it this far, congrats! We are very happy to see our athletes stay with the sport and continue to strive to achieve their best. 

Our U19 programs goal is  to help each of our athletes achieve their best, wether that be winning races or continuing to improve their skiing. There are ample opportunities to get race starts at this level. Our goal is to help guide our athletes to a good balance of race starts vs training so everyone can continue to improve. The balance of NHARA Open Races(early season), Macomber Cup in season events and Lafoley Spring Series races will provide the platform for measuring your progress against your peers. Some of you may choose to race more than others. Our staff will always do what we can to help guide you to the best race calendar for each individual.

Our U19's continue to have access to Friday Kanc training, which is a great SL block for you each week. Many of you will also be competing and training midweek with your High School teams, a great way to get extra volume on snow. We hope our program can help balance your training and racing to help you be your absolute best both on the weekends and during your midweek events.

We value the Team concept and hope to foster an environment of mutual respect, hard work and having FUN out there on the mountain every weekend. 

We will have a pre season meeting to discuss particulars, meet staff and set the stage for a great winter. Until then, THINK SNOW!

Jean Klaude Killy in the 1960's showing some very similar technique to our modern skiers

Recent U-19 News

No news currently found.

U-16 & U-19 Race Schedule:

Race Schedule:

Prior To U-16 Series:

- 12/28 Open- Kenney Memorial SL @ Cannon Mt./FSC

- 12/31 Zwahlen Memorial Open GS @ Loon

- 1/7 Open SL @ Proctor

- 1/21 Open GS @ Cannon Mt./FSC

- 1/28 Open SL @ Ragged MT/RMS

Spring Series Races:

- 3/17 M.J.’s Race (Friday) SL @ Cannon Mt./FSC

- 3/25 Lafoley Spring Series GS @ Loon Mt./LRT

- 4/1 UNH Fundraiser GS @ Loon Mt./LRT

Races will be added and dropped from this list as the season begins. This is just the first races, and also great races, that as a team we decided we would like to attend. If and when there are changes I will notify everyone of what they are.