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2016-2017 LRT U16/U19 Info

We are very excited to work with you this year! We have a great group of returning U16’s and new first year U16’s joining our group.

Our U16 program will focus on skills, fundamentals, building confidence and lots of FUN! With a diverse coaching staff we will be able to address the varied needs and goals of our group with a two tiered approach: working with our first year U16’s as they move into the USSA “ability class” and build confidence,  and our second year U16 athletes looking to expand their race participation and goals as they prepare for their U19 years. We will work with each athlete to identify their goals and work together to help achieve them.

The primary focus of the NHARA U16 program is the U16 February Qualifying series that consists of two GS races, two SL races and two Super G runs at Attitash. Five race results in total will be used to rank the athletes with the best two of five results(only one can be SG) used  to rank the athletes for their Championships. Of note, scoring is based on combined results not individual runs. The GS and SL events are held at separate mountains for the two genders, with races for each discipline happening over two separate weekends, four different venues for each gender along with the Attitash SG runs. Athletes will be working to qualify for a Regional Championship, a Regional Final, an Eastern Can Am event and the NHARA U16 Finals. All LRT U16 athletes should be racing in the February U16 series. Our season planning will build towards these February races and we will work closely with all of our athletes to prepare them for this February series. For our second year U16’s looking to expand their race participation and test their skills in the “open field”, we will also provide the opportunity to compete in select NHARA Open, Macomber Cup, and Spring LaFoley  Series races to either get started with or improve their USSA profiles. Our coaching staff will be there to provide the guidance and support.


There are certain open races (Macomber, Tecnica and Lafoley Series) that U16 athletes can attend that will give them USSA “points”. Ultimately, as athletes move up to U19, USSA points are used as a National ranking method much like a Golf handicap. Though our U16 athletes are eligible for USSA points, its important to note that these points are not used as part of the U16 February series nor are they part of ranking for any of the Regional and State Championship events we are preparing our athletes for. The bottom line? We will continue to develop our athletes fundamental and tactical ski skills and help each of them achieve their personal best. That is our number one goal. We are not overly concerned with USSA points as a primary focus for our program as they are not directly relevant to our goals or our athletes development as 14 and 15 year olds. There will be ample opportunities for our U16’s to test the waters of scored racing as they move through our U16 program and prepare for their U19 years.

We will hold a U16 parents meeting at the start of the season to discuss details. We will chat about the U16 program, introduce the coaches, training, equipment, and race schedule at that time.

We look forward to the season and THINK SNOW!

Recent U-16 News

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U-16 & U-19 Race Schedule:

Race Schedule:

- 12/28 Open- Kenney Memorial SL @ Cannon Mt./FSC

- 12/31 Zwahlen Memorial Open GS @ Loon

- 1/7 Open SL @ Proctor

- 1/21 Open GS @ Cannon Mt./FSC

- 1/28 Open SL @ Ragged MT/RMS

Spring Series Races:

- 3/17 M.J.’s Race (Friday) SL @ Cannon Mt./FSC

- 3/25 Lafoley Spring Series GS @ Loon Mt./LRT

- 4/1 UNH Fundraiser GS @ Loon Mt./LRT

Races will be added and dropped from this list as the season begins. This is a list of recommended races that as a team we decided we would like to attend. If and when there are changes I will notify everyone of what they are.