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Welcome To The Loon Race Team

The Loon Race Team is committed to creating a learning environment in which athletes can explore their true potential. LRT is a skiing community, in which the membership is committed to the process of developing athletes' self-understanding through the process of performing on the field of play, while participating within the team framework. Plainly said - we like to go fast, have fun and be nice!


LRTers & Teen Pan Mass Challenge


Dear LRT Ski Racers,

LRT racers Matthew and Nicole Piispanen started the Pan Mass Challenge Teen Mountain Bike Ride in 2010 to bring together teenagers from high schools across the East Coast to cycle in an off-road ride as a way to raise money for cancer research.  Since then we have been joined by other teens that have deep roots with LRT, including Sophie Sherman, Peter Sugar, Katherine Carbonaro, Annelies Sugar, Nick Sherman, Nicolas Connelly, Josh Sapers and Brianna Stout, all of whom made it their mission to raise critically needed funds for cancer research conducted at the Dana Farber Cancer Institute. Last year our event drew riders from over 20 different high schools, included close to 100 participants, and raised over $8,000.

We encourage all LRT racers, ages 12-18, to sign up for the event and to join team Loon Race Team. Our goal this year is to get a bigger group and try to raise over $10,000 for cancer research. This is also a great way to get in shape for ski season!

To sign up go to www.kids.pmc.org/Tmbr.aspx. When it asks for team, type “Loon Race Team”.

Watch this video to see what the ride is like.

PMC Teen Mountain Bike Ride

When:  Sunday, September 28, 2014 from 10am to noon

What:  An off-road ride on carriage trails - a 1.7 mile loop which the riders can ride once or multiple times. This is a very easy trail which anyone can do. No technical skills are required. You need a mountain bike or hybrid.

Who:   Students ages 12 - 18 years old

Where:  The Hale Reservation in Westwood, MA

Teens can earn 4 hours of community service credit for doing this ride that can be applied to requirements for high school graduation, college applications and National Honor Society requirements.

Join our post ride party where we have free food and music by student DJs. At the party, we will hold a raffle where you can win lots of cool prizes including clothing store, spa and restaurant gift cards. Each year the student that raises the most money for cancer research walks away with a brand new mountain bike that we award at the post ride party!

We hope you will join Team LRT and have some fun!


Matthew Piispanen      piispop@gmail.com

Nicole Piipspanen        nicolepiispanen@gmail.com


Follow us!


Twitter:  @PMCKids

Instagram:  @Panmass

Tumblr:  http://kidspmc.tumblr.com




Mt. Hood - Day 1

Mt. Hood - Day 1


Mt. Hood Update Day 1:

Good day of travel with no problems. The kids are definitely learning some independence. We arrived at Portland Airport and a shuttle was there waiting to take us to Government Camp, OR at the base of Mt. Hood. We met up with Coach Bob and the McSorely's at our condo. They all unpacked and then we went on a hike around Trillium Lake. Great easy hike with a great view of Mt. Hood.

After that we had dinner at the Mt. Hood Summer Ski Camp Base Area. Mexican tonight. We came home and went over our schedule for tomorrow and talked about the things that they are going to work on this week and their goals both skiing and personal. I was impressed with how they expressed the areas they are going to work on in their skiing. Clearly, they had some great coaches last season that communicated well with them. (See Goals for the Week attachment.)   

Tomorrow's Schedule:  

5:45 am wake up. Lift at 7:00 am. SL free ski on the Mile Lift then some brushie work up on the Palmer Lift. In the afternoon we are going rafting.

I will be sending out an email each night after we have settled down.  

Weather looks good for tomorrow.   


Mt. Hood Update Day 3:
The first part of our training block for SL this morning we were on the Mile Chair Lift working on timing, pole touch and upper and lower body separation. The snow was excellent as they had a groomer salt the trail.  We took video of the drills.   
The surface got a little softer after about an hour and a half so we moved up to the Palmer Lift and did some short courses and some more video there as well.   
The kids commented on how much they are improving and the mileage and attention they are getting.  As they look around they see that there is no secret sauce to becoming a better racer…. just good fundamentals and a lot of hard work.   
We came back from training and had some down time… (well deserved).
At 4:00 pm, we spent a half hour watching video from today.  
In the evening, we went to the Wildwood Campground and had a cookout.  
Attached are some photos from today.  
Tomorrow's Schedule:
SL Turns Day 3 (last day)
In the afternoon we are going to go swimming...there is a spot where they can jump into the water.
Mt. Hood Update Day 4: 
Today was our last day in SL turns. We started the morning on the Mile Chairlift again this morning. We continue to focus on timing and lower
and upper body separation. The surface was firm early on and got better with each run. We did video both on our drills on the Mile as well as
in the brushies and leaning gates on the Palmer Lift. Overall, Coach Bob and myself were pleased with the effort for the first part of the camp.  
It is important that when they get back home that they can articulate what they have learned about their skiing and what they can do to improve
and correct their skiing.  
The highlight of the day was meeting Andrew Weibrecht, the Silver medalist in this past year's Olympics.  (See photo).
We then went to the Atomic demo site and some of them are testing out some skis in the next few days.   
Then we went to the river and there was a cool spot for the kids to jump.  They had a blast with this.   
Dinner tonight was leftovers from the week.  
After dinner, we watched video from the day.    
Tomorrow's Schedule:
Day off from skiing -
We are going to hike to Tamanwas Falls which is about 20 minutes from Mt. Hood.  
After our hike, we are going to Hood River for the day to take in the the 4th of July events.    
Aaron Loukes
Program Director
Loon Race Team
Aaron Loukes
Program Director
Loon Race Team
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Mt. Hood Update Day 6


Today was our first day of GS turns.   The kids took several free runs on their own as Coach Bob and I were preparing the surface for training.   (spreading bags of salt)  We had our own lane space on an area called Celebrity.  The terrain was perfect for working on a GS progression.   The first couple of runs they took without their poles in the Apex training course.   They progressed to taking runs with their poles and we added a pole touch visual to help them out.   After being on SL skis for 3 days it took a few runs for them all to get their GS legs under them.   They progressed with each run and finished the training block on a good note.   Focus was a strong outside leg and staying level with the shoulders and parallel with their skis.  


I took a picture of the lane assignment board (see attached photo).   It is pretty amazing all the different programs here from around the country and there are several from the east.   


In the afternoon we went to the Head demo center to check out some demos for tomorrow.  After some downtime we then went swimming at Trillium Lake.  The boys talked their way into borrowing a small raft.  They are not afraid to meet new people…..and ask questions.   After dinner (Homemade Pizza) we watched video from today.   


Tomorrows Schedule


GS day 2  -  We are training with the Jackson Hole Ski Team on Celebrity.  



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